Common Questions Answered

Anne Parsons Interiors is a full service Interior Design firm with studios in San Diego, California and Fort Worth, Texas. Below is comprehensive information with answers to many common questions we are asked. We hope this helps with your decision to hire a professional. 

-I am often asked, "What style do you design?"  

My answer to this often-asked question is that I focus on each client's lifestyle and personality to tell their story, creating a style that uniquely reflects them.  This approach along with considerations of the architecture and surroundings of the project produces a timeless and authentic environment.  

There  is a common misconception that interior designers help their clients to choose paint, fabrics and soft furnishings but that is all.  While designers are concerned with these aesthetics because our clients are, but also professional interior designers have expertise across a range of areas including lighting, acoustics, ergonomics, space planning,  lighting and electrical plans, plan review, fire and safety issues, as well as federal and state building codes and regulations.  Given this, I have chosen to just answer common questions below to help the potential client understand what a professional designer is trained and experienced in doing.  We pretty much do everything except build structure; but we can advise on the interiors of a proposed structure as well we can certainly make existing interiors work by changing  structure! 

Some of the questions our clients have before hiring API... 

-Are you professionally associated? 

Yes.  Everyone on staff is at a minimum ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) affiliated and Terri Anne Parsons, our Owner and Principal Designer, is an Allied member of ASID and a Professional Member of NKBA.   Anne Parsons Interiors has been a member of the Better Business Bureau of San Diego for 13 years.  Ms. Parsons also holds Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in  Interior Design  from San Diego Design Institute a CIDA accredited design school in San Diego, CA. 


-Have your project appeared in any professional periodicals?

Yes. Ms. Parsons' designs have been published numerous times in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine in the Before and After full page columns and the Tips From Designers columns.  She has also written several articles for their eClub which is the online  version of the magazine. 

-What sets you apart from other designers? 

We design for our clients, We listen to the frustrations our clients have with their spaces and we care about your project as if it were our own home, office, and pocket book.  We program with your family and observe family functions which really helps us see what is going on design-wise, where are the deficiencies and how we can help in terms of the built environment.  

-What is your track record for bringing projects in on time and within budget? 

Ms. Parsons is extremely focused on adhering to a track record of bringing projects on time and within budget.  That's not to say that budgets do not change for one reason or another and everything most times takes longer than original estimates but we do our best to estimate both cost and time of completion at the beginning of the project.  Whether we hit a snafu along the way due to an unforeseen problem or the  client adds features they would like to add after approval of the design concept, we do our best to explain any issues along the way so within our power there is never surprise to the client. 

-What is your interior design philosophy? 

We listen to our clients and really "hear" what they are asking for.  For example, when it comes to our kitchen remodel clients during the programming phase, we sit and observe them during a dinner service while they cook for the family and we evaluate the functioning (or dis-functioning) and listen to the frustrations and note the best changes to make. 

-What is your experience in my type of project? 

 Our experience is extremely varied and we have excellent General Contractors who work with with us along the way.  So, if we haven't seen it they certainly have.  We also work with a network of professionals within our association memberships so there is nothing we cannot research within all these means to provide solutions.


-What challenges do you see with my project?  

This would be determined after your initial consultation and perhaps even some programming (observations and discussions).  A consultation is the best way to discover the answer to this question.  However, whatever the challenges as a team we will face them head-on!  There is  always a solution. 

-Will I work with you directly or with contractors? 

Both. You will mostly work with your design firm directly which is preferred so that we  can ensure design intent throughout the project and it helps to lessen confusion in communication between client, contractor and designer.  There are times when the contractor will explain things directly to the client which we welcome.  Also, depending on how you want to pay for their work, you may work directly with them and pay their invoices.  We will manage your projects, if you choose that option, after you approve your design concept presented by us.  Project Management is a valued service and well worth it in terms of peace of mind; you go to work and we manage your remodel. 

-What fees are included in your basic service? 

I have a pricing structure I can explain during our initial conversation.  It varies by project and depends on how you want to move your project along. 

-What services would incur additional fees?  

Additional costs are incurred primarily when we go outside of the original project scope or if we have unforeseen issues.  For example if we find mold in the bathroom walls or asbestos is found in an area that is going to be disturbed and we need to have it professionally removed.  Estimated costs are conveyed to our clients via estimated budgets provided to the client during the design concept presentation, but we cannot always see what might come up that will increase costs. 

Interior Designers know interiors better than any other pro in the build-industry! 

Anne Parsons Interiors has the staff and available subcontractors who are educated and trained to solve problems and provide solutions for our clients.  This could mean advising on aesthetics like color or it could mean making better use of the space in a remodeling situation or determining a construction issue-we can double check your remodel drawings too and advise.  When your space isn’t working for you a professional designer can design a solution which is safe, healthy, and will better suit your lifestyle. 

We are confident this page has answered many of your questions about working with a designer.  The best thing to do to get started is to contact us and schedule an initial consultation, we can then take it from there.  So much goes into creating the best design for each client's needs; their lifestyle, architecture or total square footage in the case of an office or restaurant, budget and general aesthetic are all part of the many considerations. The staff at API invests the time necessary to "program" with you before we even begin the design process.  As you can see on our PORTFOLIO samples page,  on this site, we have the experience and the happy clients to provide you with the design services you need for your individual project. 


Let's get started so we get your projects finished! 

Terri Anne Parsons, Allied ASID, NKBA, B.F.A. Interior Design 

Owner and Principal Interior Designer